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Stainless steel snorkel South Africa


A 4x4 snorkel, or raised air intake, is an aftermarket accessory designed to enhance the off-road capabilities of a 4x4 vehicle. It consists of a stainless steel tube that extends from the engine bay to a higher point on the vehicle's exterior typically above the roofline or near the A-pillar.

Water crossings are a common challenge when driving off-road, and they pose a significant risk to the engine. If water enters the engine's intake system it can cause hydrolock, a condition where water fills the combustion chamber instead of air leading to severe engine damage. By raising the level of the air intake, a snorkel helps reduce the chances of water entering the engine during water crossings. The elevated position of the snorkel allows the vehicle to wade through water with minimal risk of the intake sucking in water. Instead, the engine draws in clean air from the higher intake point, ensuring the vehicle's continued operation without risking engine damage.

In addition to water crossings, off-road environments often expose vehicles to dusty and debris-laden conditions.

Dust, sand and debris can be detrimental to an engine leading to increased wear reduced performance and even engine failure. The raised air intake provided by a snorkel helps minimize the amount of dust and debris drawn into the engine's intake system. By positioning the intake point higher above the ground, a snorkel can take in cleaner air that is less likely to contain damaging particles. This helps protect the engine from premature wear and maintains optimal performance especially when driving in dry, dusty terrains common in off-road adventures.

Furthermore, a snorkel can also contribute to improved airflow to the engine. By raising the intake point, it allows for a smoother and less restricted airflow. This can potentially enhance engine performance, particularly in demanding off-road situations where the engine needs to breathe more efficiently. The increased airflow can aid in maintaining proper engine temperature and optimize combustion, resulting in improved power delivery and responsiveness.

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