• The sleekest design available in the market

  • All of our snorkels are seamless welded (no welds through out the snorkel giving you a mandrel bent look)

  • Recessed into guard to follow all the body pillar angles and alignments

  • Our snorkels come as a DIY kit complete with instructions, fender cut-out template, rubber pinch weld, polyurethane flexi hose and hose clamps.

  • Plumbs up to the original Airbox


What started out as just pieces of stainless steel pipe, ends up as one continuous pipe without any seams or visible welds, something we are quite proud of. The default colour is satin black, but we can finish it in any colour you can imagine. We have even done Camo finishes if you feel like hiding in the bushes.


We don't bulk manufacture our snorkels, so that each one can be built to your exact needs. Have a roof rack or some lights that are in the way, that's not a problem.