What a 4wd Snorkel does. ... At its core, the intention of a snorkel is to raise the level of the air intake to reduce the chance of water entering your engine when crossing water. A higher air intake will reduce the amount of dust entering the system.


Do snorkels increase power?

Our snorkels produce better air flow usually due to being bigger in diameter, same diameter whole way through into the airbox, and no sharp bends.

On most vehicles models our 101mm stainless steel snorkel keeps its size all the way into the airbox, thus enlarging the air intake diameter and essentially letting your engine use less effort to take more air in, resulting in most customers noticing a better throttle response.

Are stainless steel snorkels noisy?

Our 101mm stainless steel snorkel will produce more induction sound. As to whether this is considered a positive or a negative when weighing up materials is entirely up to the individual, we do offer customised snorkels, lessening the noise drastically.