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Stainless steel snorkel South Africa


The primary purpose of snorkels is not to increase power output in vehicles. While some snorkels may contribute to improved engine performance under certain conditions, the gains are typically modest and may not be noticeable in everyday driving situations.

Snorkels can provide benefits such as cooler and potentially cleaner air supply to the engine, which can improve combustion and contribute to better throttle response. They can also help maintain a consistent airflow by reducing the risk of air filter clogging, which can indirectly support optimal engine performance.

However, it's important to note that the impact of a snorkel on power output depends on various factors such as the specific vehicle model, engine design, and overall intake system. The gains, if any, are generally more prominent in engines with forced induction (e.g., turbocharged or supercharged) that rely on optimal air-to-fuel ratios for maximum performance.

Overall, while snorkels can have some positive effects on engine performance, their primary function is to provide water crossing capabilities, protection against dust and debris, and help maintain the efficiency of the intake system.

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