I am a proud owner of a VW Amarok have always been a VW fan but what makes me more proud is that I decided to approach Richard from All in 4x4 to design and build a flat bed and canopy to compliment my Amarok .


Before I tell you all about the desision to approach Richard I wasted  a lot of money on standard canopies and different types of lids  and sliding trays and trying to seal of everything to prevent dust entering the canopy and all the camping  stuff specially my fridge. 

My initial requirement was  to have a dust proof canopy and all items must be easy to reach and load  thanks to Richard he made it possible. The interior can be designed to your requirements as I am towing a Offroad caravan Richard asked the right questions on  what I want and what I require and he designed it accordingly.


As I stay in Kempton Park and All in 4 x 4 is in  Durbanville it was never a problem as he communicated every day with pictures on his progress on my canopy. As it was the first Amarok in South Africa to be fitted out with a flat bed and canopy Richard had to design the flatbed and canopy from scratch which took some time and bear in mind  it was in lockdown and in the middle of Covid, but any other Amarok owner doesn’t have to go through the design time as he has everything  on cad and a lot can be made up before the time. Considering his passion for this he thought of things that never even crossed my mind.


Once he was done I was able to test the vehicle fully in a trip to the Skeleton Coast. And hat off to Richard that my canopy was totally dust free and totally passed with flying colours the rough terrain. Thanks Richard for all you hard work. You have build a vehicle that I am proud to own.