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Stainless steel snorkel South Africa


Stainless steel snorkels themselves do not inherently produce noise. The material used in constructing the snorkel, whether it is stainless steel or another material like plastic, does not directly affect the noise level. The noise level experienced while driving with a snorkel primarily depends on other factors such as the design of the snorkel, the installation process, and the vehicle's specific characteristics.

The noise that can be associated with a snorkel installation is typically a result of the airflow dynamics and turbulence created by the snorkel design. Some snorkel designs may cause increased wind noise due to the altered aerodynamics around the vehicle's A-pillar and roofline. This noise can vary depending on the vehicle model, snorkel design, and driving conditions.

Manufacturers of snorkels often consider noise reduction as a design factor and may incorporate features such as internal baffles or pre-filters to minimize noise.

Additionally proper installation, including securely sealing any gaps or joints between the snorkel and the vehicle's body can help reduce the potential for additional noise.

It's worth noting that the noise generated by a snorkel, if present, is usually not excessive or bothersome to most drivers. However, individual perceptions may vary and some people may find certain snorkel installations to be more noticeable than others in terms of noise levels. If you are concerned about noise levels or have specific requirements we encourage you to get in touch with us.

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